Enhanced Appearance: Ceramic coatings add depth and gloss to the surface, enhancing the overall appearance. They provide a smooth and reflective finish that can make colours appear more vibrant and give a shiny and "wet look" to the coated surface.

High Durability: Ceramic coatings are known for their exceptional durability. Once properly applied and cured, they can last for several years, providing long-lasting protection for the coated surface.

Enhanced Protection: Ceramic coatings provide a protective layer on the surface they are applied to, forming a durable and hard barrier. They can also protect against some chemical stains, and environmental contaminants like bird droppings and tree sap.

  • "AutoCeramic Plus is great. Plus there was enough in the bottle to cover my wife's car too" -Bobby G.

  • "The Microfibres were very soft and absorbant. During use, they did not leave any loose fibres on the car surfaces" -Adam F.

  • "AutoCeramic Plus is excellent for my car detailing shop because of the applicator. No more ceramic liquid wasted" -Winston K.

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Can ceramic coating be applied over existing car scratches and damage?

It is recommended to repair scratches and pre-existing damage with a Paint Correction prior to applying Ceramic Coating. While it can be applied over scratches, it is not ideal as it may seal in the damage and make future repairs more challenging.

What is the duration of the ceramic coat's lifespan?

The longevity of the ceramic coat varies depending on the application process, with the potential for it to offer a permanent solution.

What is the recommended maintenance for my vehicle after applying the ceramic coat?

After applying the ceramic coat, it is important to maintain your vehicle by regularly washing it. It is recommended to choose touchless car washes instead of those with brushes, as the bristles in brush-based car washes may contain dirt and debris that can lead to swirls and scratches, even on harder surfaces. Additionally, scheduling an annual paint inspection for your vehicle is advised.

Is it necessary to apply wax to my car even after having the ceramic coat applied?

No, the application of ceramic coating eliminates the need for waxing.